The reporter, Gayle Cuddy, of the San Luis Obispo Tribune was very interested in our art and workshop and honored us with a very nice article on December 3, 2013.  Here is the article — enjoy!


Arroyo Grande couple turns glass-art hobby into business


Special to The Tribune, December 3, 2013


Nine years ago Katherine Anderson of Arroyo Grande, retiring from a career in education and student services director at San Luis Coastal Unified School District, wondered what she would do next.

“I was retiring, and like a lot of women, I made one quilt, one sweater,” trying different crafts to see what she might like to do for a hobby, she said. She saw an ad for stained glass, took a class and was hooked!

Five years ago when her husband, Steve, retired as principal at Laguna Middle School in San Luis Obispo, she told him he might like it, too. “It’s right up your alley,” she said, with his skills in precision, geometry, etc. (He’s a former math teacher).

Thus, Steve has also immersed himself in glass. They have a studio set up in their garage, complete with three different-sized kilns, a large glass cutter and tools. On the wall hang several examples of recent work, glass slabs that hang like paintings.

Katherine started out making glass jewelry: beads, earrings and medallions. The two also began with stained glass, which has copper foil between the layers; they have several pieces in their home.

Currently they are concentrating on fused glass and mosaics. These include folded vases, small glass boxes, plates, bowls and the wall art. One of Steve’s favorite wall pieces is a shirt, many of which have a Hawaiian motif.

During an interview Steve explained the process of making fused glass pieces. Each piece may have two or three layers, which will require two or three firings. It can take eight days to complete a piece, between the firings and the coolings.

Other wall art includes scenery, underwater themes and copies of fine art, such as Van Gogh’s famous “Starry Night.”

The Andersons came up with their studio name TwoKasaGlassArt from their own first names. Two refers to them both. Ka is from Katherine; sa from Steve Anderson; it spoofs the Spanish “casa”, and essentially means “from our house to yours.” Katherine explains, “We make glass in our home we think you might want in your home.”

Steve and Katherine recently participated in Open Studios, which they have done for the last seven years, and had more than 200 visitors. They have also shown their art at the San Luis Obispo Museum of Art.

One technique is a kind of woven piece. They buy strings of different colored glass and string them together using Krazy Glue. They can leave pieces sticking out to give a fringe effect.

“This is kind of a hobby that turned into a business,” Katherine pointed out. But we “don’t do it for a living; it’s not about the selling, it’s about the making.”

Added Steve: “Our philosophy is to make stuff that we enjoy. There is a wonderful feel to glass … so soft, so smooth.” For Katherine it’s the colors that excite her. “We sell glass to buy glass, not to make money,” she added.

The Andersons redesigned their kitchen. Steve designed the stove backsplash to go with new tiles surrounding the counter. Katherine made the glass cupboard knobs to match.

For more information, go to to see examples of their hand-crafted glass work, or call 709-0809.



Steve and Katherine Anderson


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Great Shows and very successful!


We recently concluded two weekends of the San Luis Obispo Open Studio Tour and it was very successful.  We had over 200 visitors and sold many significant pieces of glass artwork.  Last week we participated in the Womens Club 2013 Artisans Faire, which was new for us and very well run.

Feedback from attendees is always welcome and comments are appreciated.

You can make comments on this blog or email us at:

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San Luis Obispo Open Studio Art Tour-2013

We enjoyed our first weekend of the 2013 Studio Tour.  Meeting friends, glass lovers, newbies to the art of glass, and those inquiring about learning more, made our weekend, an exciting event.  Teaching some quick techniques, discussing the fusing process, and, oh yeah, selling some of our glass to some great people made it quite a memorable time.

October 19 and 20 will be the second and last weekend this year.  We will continue adding more photos to the web as we go on.  Our gallery continues to expand in variety and design. 

Here are some of the pieces sold this last weekend.  Hope you enjoy!








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Andersons’ art reflects their passion for glass

By Mike Hodgson /     (Interview on 10/9/13)

A couple of retired educators in Arroyo Grande will offer the public a look into the wonders of glass art during the 15th annual Open Studios Art Tour that starts this weekend.

Katherine and Steve Anderson operate Two KaSA Glass Art out of their garage, where they create a wide range of original fused glass artworks — no two ever alike.

After taking a break from participating last year, the couple again will invite the public to view their workspace and creations in the free self-guided two-weekend tour sponsored by ARTS Obispo.

Those who visit the Andersons’ garage studio will get an insight into the wide variety of techniques the couple use, some of which they’ve developed themselves simply through years of experimenting.

“We love talking about glass,” Katherine said as she showed a pair of visitors around their workshop. “We spend a lot of time taking pieces out and talking about them.”

While visitors often stand aloof from the brilliantly colored, often delicate-looking works, the Andersons encourage people to touch them.

“Pick it up, see how heavy it is,” Steve said, hefting a bowl made using sheets of glass fused with a glass powder.

“Take it out in the sun and look at the irid,” he said, referring to the iridescence of a bowl that only flames to full brilliance in the sunlight.

But bowls aren’t the only things the Andersons craft from sheets of glass. Their collection includes jewelry, small boxes, Steve’s signature Hawaiian shirts, and hanging panels with patterns and pictures.

“Quick, what’s that a picture of?” he quizzes a visitor, who identifies it as Morro Bay — well, actually Morro Rock seen from the north.

That piece was “painted” with small strips of clear glass tack fused to colored glass panels, creating the impression of roiling fog, ocean swells washing ashore and wave-swept sand.

It’s just one of many techniques the Andersons have built up over a decade of trial and error.

Neither of the Andersons were artists before taking on fused glass.

Katherine started as a school psychologist but later became a district director of student services. Steve started as a middle school math teacher and later became a school principal.

When retirement approached, Katherine began casting about for a hobby.

“I was looking for something to do,” she said. “I’d done all the craft things people usually do. I always loved glass, and I had several houses where I had someone do stained glass windows.”

So she found a place in San Luis Obispo that offered stained glass classes and made some lampshades and hanging pieces. That led her into glass fusing.

“For the first two years, I was bleeding a lot,” Katherine said. “My son came over and said, ‘I never saw anyone with so many Band-Aids!’ I’d buy them at Costco … by the handful.”

Katherine pursued glass fusing for a couple of years before convincing Steve to try it, pointing out he’d love it because he’s so meticulous.

Steve said his background in geometry served him well in creating designs, but some things like cutting class by scoring and breaking it were difficult to master.

Then one day, he snapped a piece just right, and it became like second nature.

“Glass, it’s just one of those things,” he said. “It becomes your friend.”

The couple first bought a small grinder and a small kiln. But they outgrew that and added a medium-sized kiln, then a large kiln plus a diamond-blade hoop saw and a large double-wheeled grinder.

They learned how fusing glass is all about heat — how much of it, how long, how many firings and the importance of annealing, a cooling process that makes the glass strong and keeps it from breaking.

“It’s all about temperature,” Steve explained.

They learned how glass will “strike,” meaning the color it will be after heating, how to use glass fibers and powder and how to create unique effects by using multiple layers.

Eventually, they turned their hobby into a business, although they admit they can’t sell their works for what they’re really worth and the revenue just goes back into buying more glass.

But for them, working with glass is more than a hobby or a business. It’s a passion for creating one-of-a-kind works of beauty.

“We want to make things people love, because we love glass and we want other people to love glass,” Katherine said.

Open Studios Art Tour celebrating 15 years

More than 200 artists in 17 communities working in 15 media are participating in the 15th annual Open Studios Art Tour.

The free self-guided tour will take place the Saturdays and Sundays of Oct. 12, 13, 19 and 20 throughout SLO County.

Artists will open the doors to their studios to meet with the public and discuss their works, although not all studios will be open both weekends.

Many of the studios will offer free snacks and beverages, and some will have special prices on the artists’ works.

Catalogs listing the participating artists, their specialties, the weekends their studios will be open, whether they will be actively working on art and which studios are accessible to the handicapped, along with maps to each studio, are available at locations throughout the South County.

A list of catalog locations is available at where catalogs also can be viewed and downloaded.

Posted Friday, October 11, 2013



We hope to see you at our studio in Arroyo Grande, CA or comment on the article and work.

Thank you Mike and Ingrid from the Times-Press-Recorder,

Steve and Katherine

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Fused Mosaics are a blast!

Great therapy for anyone wanting a slower pace if life!  Try mosaics of some type (ceramics, tiles, glass, or pieces of your choice).  Look at these glass mosaics.

these were inspired from the central coast of California (where we live the good life), Hawaii (specifically, Kauai), and those from photos and great works of art.  Enjoy!





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Open Studio Tour, Oct 12,13 & 19,20

Glass Boxes – great fun to try!  Glass feet, mirrors under lid, great ornamental pieces for your glass collection




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San Luis Obispo County Open Studios Art Tour 2013

This is the 15th year for sharing art and studios by county artists.  Over 230 artists will be opening up their studios or joining others for joint presentations to the public.

This year will be our 9th year of participation and we have been putting in many studio hours in preparation for the two weekends – October 12, 13, 19, and 20 from 10:00-5:00.

We look forward to sharing our glass art (mostly, kiln-fused glass work).  We have made jewelry, wall art, bowls, plates, mosaic and stain glass from our original designs and techniques.  Hope to see you.

We will take the time to explain the processes and tools used.  Additionally, we know local artist who give instruction to anyone interested in learning the art of glass.

See the catalog online —–   (It is beautiful and free!)ImageImage


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