Fused Mosaic Glass Class

Hello glass lovers! On August 13, the Central Coast Glass Guild met in Arroyo Grande and I had an opportunity to share some of my favorite things. We meet on the 2nd Saturday of the month at 11:00am to hear what’s new in the glass world, share our latest and greatest, and seek guidance in our endeavors.

Directions [see Gogh Fused photo on Glass Fashion entry]
1. Select your pattern/picture.
2. Determine the size of your project, enlarge your pattern/picture, and cut clear glass to this size.
3. Choose colors and use tile nippers to cut pieces for mosaic.  Clean glass before nipping.
4. Place the pattern under the cut clear glass and tape it in place.
5. Determine a starting point and plan the layout for all pieces.
6. Use tweezers to place pieces on the clear glass.
7. After completing an area apply drops of cheap hairspray, which will hold everything in place.  Hairspray will cleanly and completely disappear during the firing.
8. Leave approximately 1/4″ around the outside edges.  This will give your piece a nice border and will make it easier to hang.
9. Sift a thin layer of clear powder over the entire piece.  This fills all gaps and holds the mosaic picture pieces in place.
10. Determine additional decor/effects and apply before placing in kiln.
11. Cut Thin Fire Paper to place under your artwork.
12. Firing schedule:
300/hr to 1100 for 30m
100/hr to 1250 for 90m
400/hr to 1410 for 15m
full/hr to 960 for 2hr
100/hr to 700 for 1m
13. Once it has been removed from the kiln and cleaned it is ready for slumping, applying hardware for wall hanging, placed in a frame, or displayed on a table stand.

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